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Make your Donation

Rescue Inc.'s Board of Trustees is comprised of one representative appointed by each of the fifteen member towns, plus nine additional trustees, six elected "at large" from the community and three elected to represent Rescue's volunteer members. Following is a list of the current trustees. In the event that any slots are currently vacant, there is no trustee listed.

Brattleboro, VT                  Debra Chapman
Brookline, VT  
Dummerston, VT               Harold Newell (Secretary)
Guilford, VT                       Gordon Little
Halifax, VT  
Hinsdale, NH                     Ron Nichols
Jamaica, VT                      Stewart Barker
Marlboro, VT  
Newfane, VT                     Win Clark (Vice Chair)
Putney, VT                        Norm Bartlett
Stratton, VT  
Townshend, VT                Kathy Hege (Chair)
Vernon, VT  
Wardsboro, VT  
Chesterfield, NH              Evan James Deutsch
Volunteer                         Lew Teich
Volunteer                         Kris Johnston
At Large                          Dr. John Bookwalter
At Large                         John Leader
At Large                         Jill Fortier (Treasurer)
At Large  
At Large  
At Large