Count on us! 
Big Check from Bratt Subaru
Rescue Inc & Brattleboro Subaru Staff

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Brattleboro Subaru for their continued support of Rescue Inc.  Their commitment to supporting our local community is inspiring.  

Brattleboro Subaru has been the lead sponsor for seven consecutive car raffles which have raised over $200,000 to support lifesaving equipment purchases.  Their willingness to support, participate and promote our annual fundraising efforts has improved emergency response and safety in the entire region.  Our stretcher replacement program would not have been possible without the proceeds of our annual car raffle.  These power stretchers have improved safety and reduced provider injuries.

We are very excited to be the recipient of the 2018 Subaru Share the Love event.  We will be using the proceeds to help purchase a patient simulator.  These modern simulators provide a sense of realism that we are currently lacking with our older training equipment.  Advanced training modules will allow us to train on low frequency, high-risk skills and procedures. Real feedback from the simulator helps to fine tune assessment and critical decision-making skills.

Rescue Inc is proud to provide the highest level of patient treatment and transport to the citizens in the greater Brattleboro area and the West River Valley.  Over more than fifty years, community support has provided us with the financial resources necessary to provide world class emergency medical response to our small towns.  

Brattleboro Subaru's commitment to community support and direct support of Rescue Inc has improved more than 40,000 emergency medical responses in southern Vermont and New Hampshire over the past eight years.  The new patient simulation equipment will help develop an entire generation of critical care providers and effect countless lives in the years to come.

Drew Hazelton
Chief of Operations
Rescue Inc