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Welcome to Rescue Inc.

Founded in 1966 by a small group of dedicated volunteer EMT's in Brattleboro, Vermont, Rescue Inc. has evolved into a leader in the field of rural emergency medicine.  Rescue was among the first EMS agencies in the nation to offer paramedic level care and now services 13 towns in southern Vermont and 2 in southern New Hampshire.

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Rescue Inc. provides both ALS and BLS services. Rescue Inc EMTs are Nationally Registered and Vermont and New Hampshire Licensed Emergency Medical Technicians. Our Emergency service is divided into two provider certifications - Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advance Life Support (ALS). Our Advanced EMTs are capable of providing  interventions to reduce morbidity and mortality in the pre-hospital environment.

Given Southern Vermont's landscape, it is fundamentally necessary for a Technical Rescue Team to be available. It is unfortunate fact that a beautiful day of kayaking, hiking or ice fishing can turn for the worse in a matter of minutes. Our team is on standby 24/7 and is activated whenever an incident may require our specialized training.

Our Technical Rescue Team is a regional organization composed of over 20 paramedics, first responders and firefighters from Sourthern Vermont. These individuals are trained and nationally certified in the highly specialized Technical Rescue Disciplines.


Our transfers capability range from Basic to Critical Care, ensuring the appropriate level of care necessary to transport patients. 


Our Critical Care transport paramedics are certified by the Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification and hold certification as a Certified Critical Care Paramedic (CCP-C) or Certified Flight Paramedic (FP-C). 

We provide stand-by services for a variety of gatherings including sporting events, trail runs, parades, and gallery walks.

Our stand-by services are tailored to your event's needs. Rescue Inc. boasts a full range of services including BLS and ALS as well as our bike team. Rescue Inc EMTs are Nationally Registered and Vermont and New Hampshire Licensed Emergency Medical Technicians.

Rescue Inc. has traveled over 160,000 miles throughout Vermont and delivered over  30,000   COVID-19 vaccines to people of all ages. We have delivered Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, and pediatric Pfizer vaccines all over the state.

Rescue Inc has a team of certified car safety seat technicians and offers (free of charge) installations and/or inspections of proper securing of child safety seats in vehicles.  

Appointments are required and are available at both Rescue Inc stations

Explore Rescue Inc.'s Subscription Plan to save on potential future costs when calling an ambulance

 The Rescue Inc Charitable Care Program was designed to alleviate the financial burden of emergency medical services, ensuring that quality healthcare remains accessible to all, regardless of economic circumstances. This program is structured around a sliding scale that considers income levels in relation to the federal poverty guidelines, allowing us to tailor assistance to the unique needs of each individual or family.

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